Door-To-Door Delivery - Personalized GliderSafe Adoption Package

Adoption Package

Your Adoption Package Includes everything you need to replicate the environment that these adorable babies come from which makes their transition as seamless as possible, and easier for you!

Each Adoption Package Includes the Following with NO Hidden Additional Costs:

  • Hand Picked & Adorable Baby(ies) between 8-12 weeks OOP
  • EZ-Bond Walk-A-Bout Bonding Pouch: Designed to Enhance Bonding with Your New Addition(s) - Handmade in the USA & Guaranteed GliderSafe 
  • One Start-R-Kit: Including A Food Bowl, Water Bottle & Automatic Temperature Regulating GliderSafe Heat Rock
  • Start-R-Cage: The Perfect Habitat to Raise Your Fuzzy Family
  • One Month Supply of Glide-R-Chow, Glide-R-Gravy & Glide-A-Mins: Premium Sugar Glider Nutritional Products 
  • Door-to-Door Delivery

Each product in this adoption package is selected with careful consideration, making your experience as a new parent as straightforward & enjoyable as possible. 



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