When you're ready all you need to do is see if there is a Local Adoption Specialist in your area or opt for the GliderSafe Delivery and we'll get you squared away.

Each adoption comes with all the supplies that you'll need to get started and includes our Lifetime Health Guarantee. You really can't go wrong!

GliderSafe Delivery follows the same 3-Step Adoption Process except there are a few extra things that happen!

Once you have completed your adoption you will be contacted by our GliderSafe Delivery Team that will walk you through the following steps to guarantee the safety of your babies.

  • Step 1: Arrange for Transport of your GliderSafe Supplies
  • Step 2: Confirm your GliderSafe Habitat is Ready
  • Step 3: Schedule & Confirm the arrival of your new babies
  • Step 4: Receive Confirmation that your babies are on their way with instructions for pickup.
  • Step 5: Arrive & receive your new additions, bring them to your home & love on them
  • Local Adoption through an Adoption Specialist

    You'll follow the same 3-Step Adoption Process except instead of selecting a GliderSafe Delivery you will find the nearest Adoption Specialist. Once you have completed the adoption here's what will happen.

    • Step 1: Your Local Adoption Specialist will reach out to you and confirm your adoption.
    • Step 2: You will arrange to meet your specialist to receive your new babies.
    • Step 3: You'll confirm & meet with your Adoption Specialist and officially become New Parents.
    • Step 4: Take your babies home, and follow the instructions provided in your Customized Adoption Package for happy & healthy Sugar Gliders