Custom Checkout

To make this easier, please just select what you want and how you want to add it to your cart.  Please know that this information is only able to for people who have been sent this page by a Pocket Pets Representative.  If you are adopting additional animals or needing to replace your baby, you can select that option, but all orders will be reviewed to confirm an individual is qualified for that price.  If you have a question, please ask your Pocket Pets representative, and they can assist you. 

Each animal that is adopted out through Pocket Pets must have a delivery set up as we are unable to do any pick-ups.  Instead, to make it easier for gliders, we drive them directly to your doorstep. 

If you already have a delivery that you are adding too, you can just add the babies to your cart.  If you also need delivery, please make sure to add that to your cart. 

Select the "Add to cart" button below each image to add that item to your cart.