Your 100% Safe Sugar Glider Delivery Option

Here's How it works

Step 1: Complete Your Adoption

Once you have decided that GliderSafe delivery is the best option for you, please proceed to complete the adoption. Upon the completion of your adoption, we will immediately dispatch everything in your adoption package except your babies. This will allow you to get everything setup & prepared for their arrival.

You'll begin receiving emails from our GliderSafe Delivery specialists, and our New Parent emails to walk you through step by step through the setup of your GliderSafe Habitat.


Step 2: Verify Your GliderSafe Habitat

Within a few days of receiving your supplies, you'll be contacted by our GliderSafe Delivery Specialists to answer any questions you may have & confirm that you're correctly setup for your new fuzzy family.

Once they confirm you're ready, they'll proceed forward with scheduling flights to get your babies to the nearest airport that we have a working relationship with.

For what it's worth, over the years we've worked with just about everyone and have a well-established relationship. We know they treat these babies with care and we trust them, otherwise, we would never fly these darlings directly to you.

It's been a long and developmental process to fine tune this method, but we're confident in the relationships we have with airlines and we trust them to be excellent chaperones for your unaccompanied minors :-).

Step 3: Schedule Your Delivery

Our GliderSafe Delivery specialists will contact you with available flight options, and work with you to make arrangements around your schedule to make delivery a breeze. We typically put babies on airplanes once a week, but for a fee can offer you a rush delivery option.

Our favorite day to fly our babies is typically Tuesday, and we strongly recommend it based on the luck that we've had on the smoothest transportation process for your little fuzzbutts.

Step 4: Pickup your Fuzzy Family

Before our team places the babies on the flight you will receive a notification that they're on their way to you. All you have to do at this point is arrive at the airport to receive your special delivery and follow the instructions that our experts provide to you.

You will continue to receive our emails & be in close contact with our GliderSafe Delivery team throughout this entire process. They will confirm that your babies arrived safe & and sound, and at that point, we will transition you to our expert customer service team of Moms & Dads for any further questions regarding the love and care of your babies.

Common Questions

I thought that delivering Sugar Gliders was unsafe, why are you doing this...?

That's a great concern, and until recently we were very uncertain about the way these little darlings were handled by airlines.

The simple fact is the health of the animals has always been and will always be number 1. We wouldn't still be in business if we didn't make it priority numero uno but after years of developing a better way with our team of Veterinarians & airlines, we finally have something we can trust.

Among other advances, the most important one that we've made is developing a custom GliderSafe Habitat specifically for your babies while they're on their journey to you. It's been years in the making, but our team of experts is very confident in our design.

Are you sure it's safe & ethical to offer Sugar Glider Delivery?

The answer depends on how it is done. It definitely can be if it’s not done properly and from what we’ve seen the way most websites ship animals is highly unethical.

Our shipping method was created along with a veterinarian who specializes in these animals so that we can guarantee the animal will arrive safe and sound. We love these animals and would never do anything to jeopardize their health.

How long does it take?

The short answer is that theoretically you could have your babies within a week, but realistically it will most likely be closer to 2 weeks. We do offer rush delivery services but because of the associated costs, we must charge extra.

Are You a Mill Breeder?

Absolutely not, nor will we buy from mill breeders. We are very selective of the breeders we buy from and insist on seeing every breeding operation BEFORE we start offering their babies for adoption. It is actually a quite rigorous process, and we keep it that way to make sure that all of our babies arrive in loving homes from loving homes.

Can I purchase animals without a cage?

Very rarely. Only, if you are an existing customer who’s buying more animals from us or you can provide proof of a GliderSafe Habitat, then we can make these sort of arrangements.