If you need a little more time, or you're just uncertain and would like to do additional research just please do us a favor and make sure that you find someone qualified.

We completely understand if you'd rather go with someone else for your adoption needs, but we'd hate for you to have a bad experience with these little adorable fuzzbutts!


Make sure that you find someone who has a:

USDA License -

So you know your adoption is 100% Legal

Veterinary Approval -

so you can trust your babies are guaranteed to be safe

 Lifetime Health Guarantee -

so they'll stand behind you with any unfortunate health-related issue

An Amazing Support Team for After the Adoption -

it's incredible to have someone to answer any & all of your questions!

A TON of helpful resources -

you'll want lots of information to provide the proper love & care for your babies!

Long History of Successful Adoptions -  

there's a certain expertise that comes from 10+ years of experience!

 Delivery Service & Local Adoption Team -

so your adoption is convenient!

 Thousands of Happy Parents -

Our proof is in our happy parens!