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Please Watch This Video From Virgil to Learn More About Sugar Gliders & Our Veterinarian Approved Adoption Process.

When You are Ready, Please Submit the Free Adoption Application Below to Receive Preferential Consideration for An Adoption. Thank you!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Application Free? Am I, in any way, obligated?

The Preferred Adoption Application is Absolutely Free, and you are in NO WAY obligated to Adopt by filling it out!

We would encourage you to fill it out if you're even considering adoption because it's the only way that we can guarantee you preferential treatment :-).

There is absolutely Zero-Risk involved. 

How does it work?

You are more than welcome to learn more by watching the video & browsing our website but in short, should you decide you're remotely interested it's best to fill out the application and then speak to one of our Adoption Specialists directly. They will be able to provide you the best answers to any of the questions you may have.

How Long Does it Take?

Great Question! If you're talking about GliderSafe delivery, you should expect to receive your supplies within ONE week and your baby(ies) the following week. We tell everyone about TWO Weeks, just to be on the absolute safe side but in many cases, it's even less time than that.

Are there additional charges for shipping?

The only charges for shipping will be the associated costs of sending you your supplies. We do not have an additional cost for shipping the animals when you purchase a GliderSafe Delivery Adoption Package. We don't believe in crazy high, hidden fees!

Do you Offer Financing?

We have aligned with the most trusted payment provider on the planet, Paypal, to offer you 6 Months of 0 interest financing and a very competitive rate thereafter. If you need additional information on this you're more than welcome to click here to learn more

If you'd like to take advantage of this offer, it's very simple. All that you need to do is proceed to checkout, click PayPal as your preferred method of payment & then look for this option when selecting your method of payment. 

sugar glider adoption financing through paypal

Is this Safe?

Our GliderSafe Delivery is absolutely 100% GliderSafe & Veterinarian approved. You're more than welcome to ask any and all questions or browse our website for additional information

What if I'm not Ready to Adopt Right Away?

That's no problem, we can work with your timeline but we still say it's best to go ahead and fill out the application to get the ball rolling. It's really the only way that we can guarantee we'll be able to help you out when you are ready!

What if I want Just the Animals?

In special circumstances, we can work with you to create a custom Adoption Package to suit your needs. You will still need to fill out the Adoption Application and speak with one of our Adoption Specialists to make this happen :-).

Do you offer a warranty? Or a Guarantee? 

Yes, we actually have an entire page available where you can learn more about this... But just to be clear, as long as you follow our instructions for the proper care of your adorable little fuzzy family, and can provide proof of that - we will absolutely stand behind the health of your baby(ies)! 




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